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GitHub and I are Really Tight Now

I won’t even go into why I’ve been away from my site (Ok maybe a little… very busy with work/research, getting ready for my second MS program, and honeymooning [photos!]) but I’ve again been away too long and have a steady backlog of things to write about– not the least of which being a recently attended workshop on mastering Excel’s advanced functions (helloooo non-parametric statistical models) and nearing the end of my data collection phase for my research study. My notes from the Excel workshop can be found here: Day 1- Pivot Tables and such; Day 2- Data Mining Techniques. My notes Day 2 are less comprehensive as so much of it was hands-on but I found it really useful. Excel is not a go-to for me, I like R and Python, but I encounter many students who are using Excel and need help. It certainly isn’t a replacement for more robust tools, but I wanted to be sure I could use whatever was brought in. Now if only I could get a better handle on all of Atom‘s functions I feel like I’d be set… at least until I decide to learn something else :P

But today I wanted to take a few minutes to just call attention to my advances with using GitHub. I can finally say I feel confident using it in my regular workflows and helping others learn. I have been an advocate for its use for a while, but up until recently I have still had some difficulty trouble-shooting the issues I encountered and had to spend a lot of time fiddling to get things right when something was amiss. Today though I can say I have at least explored all of its functions and can answer my own questions without much Googling :) This has given me much needed experience navigating my computer via the command line and has got me feeling more and more confident about slowly moving toward a Linux environment (eventually). I am confident in my abilities to learn new tools and adapt, but getting to the point where I’m actually relaxed using them takes time. I have a tendency to get a broad understanding of a tool and just maintain that knowledge as well as I can, but I don’t actually regularly use all the tools I know about– a big part of my job is helping others learn how to ask the right questions and assess tools to meet their needs. I help problem-solve, but the person I’m helping is the one with the project so I don’t have as much hands-on experience as I’d like with everything. I know it’s impossible to get that level of experience with everything, but whatever, a girl can try.

Now just to really up my Python/R game for my MS at CUNY SPS– I managed to test out of two classes (Data Mining and Statistics) so I’ll be heading into more advanced programming and modeling courses from the get go. Will be back with more on that later, but that’s what’s up next for me :)