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The Institute for Research Design in Librarianship


A few months ago I was accepted into a program called The Institute for Research Design in Librarianship, and after much ado, I am finally in Los Angeles participating as a scholar in the inaugural class.  I wrote a bit about getting accepted a few months ago in another blog post, but here I’m going to elaborate a bit.

The goal of the Research Institute is to provide new researchers in Information and Library Science fields with in-depth training in research methods, and to support us in developing professional research networks as we embark on our first attempts at comprehensive research and publishing in peer-reviewed journals. We spend about 9 hours a day in class doing exercises and discussing study design and the research process, while focusing on revising our initial study proposals. 


Our instructors include the author of our textbook and many other works on research methods, Greg Guest, along with others in the field who consult with us on our specific project needs and help advise us as we move through the program

We have about an hour in the afternoon to write and are encouraged to participate in an online community and incorporate our reflective writing into a blog so we can help each other throughout our research process. Because of this online community you can now follow my progress as I design my first research study on my IRDL blog: “Daina and Research Design” 

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