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Avoiding my blog all summer was a bad idea.

Since my last post in June, so much has happened it’s difficult to know where to start. But I need to start somewhere, so I’m going to begin by outlining the things that I will be posting about in the next week or so:

  • Data Literacy Research Study Design and the Time Consuming Mess that is Completing an IRB Protocol (… will need a shorter title)
  • Using REDCap to manage a Systematic Review Service (Actually happening finally! Woot! See my past post about REDCap for details)
  • New project: Researcher Needs and Navigating Data-Related Institutional and Funder Policies (Waaaay more challenging than I originally expected)
  • I entered a data visualization into an art show? (Vis having to do with contradictory language in biomedical publication abstracts)
  • Applying for my first grant (Easier than originally expected)
  • I wrote this thing on databases and spreadsheets for the eScience Portal for Librarians back in July (consider this your update)
  • And a friend and fellow IRDL Scholar (Chris Eaker) and I co-wrote a post to the same blog about our experience with the Institute for Research Design in Librarianship

This post though, I hereby dedicate to the aversion to blogging that I developed after completing my research training in LA. I was doing so much writing and drafting there and had so much more to do when I got back, that the very idea of writing a post for my blog made me laugh. I also recently moved (stressful) to Brighton Beach in Brooklyn and have been spending a lot of my spare time swimming in the ocean and trying to work on my work-life balance (it’s really important!). I love the area and am loving the now deserted beaches even more :)

I’m learning though by looking at the backlog I’ve developed that the writing would have been time well-spent. I know that writing out what I’ve been doing helps me reflect and more clearly think through next steps, but I’m still learning how to keep myself disciplined in writing.

Brighton Beach, Brooklyn. Autumn sunrise near my new home.
Brighton Beach, Brooklyn. Autumn sunrise near my new home.

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